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Values of Mensline Queensland


Mensline Mission Statement:

To undertake a wide range of activities, including direct telephone services to men who are experiencing or who use/have used violence in their spousal/family/intimate or informal carer relationships. Its aim is the prevention of male family violence including that in same sex or transgender couples.

Statement of Purpose:

To provide counselling support, information, referral and education services to men who have inflicted or at risk of inflicting violence on family members and to family members exposed to male family violence or the risk of male family violence.


No Queenslander will be more than a telephone call away from professional information and support to sustain her or him in dealing with domestic and family violence in her/his own life.
This advice will be offered in a way which meets her/his cultural expectations, respects and protects his/ her privacy and is delivered in a way which takes account of any special communication needs.

Understanding family violence.

  • Family Violence is largely about the misuse of power and control in the context of male dominance.
  • All forms of violence are unacceptable and must be challenged at all times.
  • Men are responsible for their use of violence.
  • Men can change and challenge other men to work for change.

Appropriate Community Responses to Family Violence.

  • The community response needs to be consistent and integrated on all levels.
  • Everyone affected by domestic violence is entitled to support services.
  • It is valuable for men and women to work together to prevent family violence.
  • All work to prevent family violence must be non-violent.

Appropriate ways of working with men for change

  • Change is about choice and responsibility.
  • Men need to be supported and challenged to take responsibility.
  • Men require education about domestic violence.
  • Men need the opportunity for personal development.
  • The change process is gradual and takes time.
  • Information is available from a range of sources about how to facilitate change.
  • Challenging the tactics used by abusers to avoid or minimize taking responsibility for abusive behavior.

Some basic practice principles:

  • Practice that ensures clients are treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity.
  • Being non-judgmental.
  • Treating clients as individuals with dignity and respect which takes into account their cultural back ground, sexual preferences, religious or other affiliations or other individual needs or differences.
  • Never colluding with offenders.

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